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4 January
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3 doors down, ac2004, algebra, almond lychee, alternative rock, angel, animation, anime, art, axn, ayala center, baby blue, badminton, bicol express, black eyed peas, blink182, blue (the color), books, brocolli/spinach and cheese, burgers, cabalen, california maki, candies, candy, cellphone, charmed, chatting, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, christmas, clothes, clouds, clover chips, comedy, computers, cookies and cream, cornicks, dan brown, dirty ice cream, disney channel, downloading, drawing, dumplings, eating, fast food, ferrero, fishball, flip flops, food, four-one, french fries, friends, fushigi yuugi, gilmore girls, google, greenday, gulaman, gummy worms, haagen daaz, hazelnut, hershey's, hoobastank, ice cream, instant messengers, internet, jason mraz, jeans, jell-o, kfc, koala bears, laughing, lechon, lifehouse, little kids, lollipop, lychees, magic, mango shake, manila, maroon5, math, mcdonald's, mechanical pencils, meg cabot, milk, milk chocolate, movies, mulan, music, musicals, nature, nokia, nova, oatmeal cookies, philippines, photography, photoshop, piano, pictures, pilot pens, pizza, plays, pony tail, puppies, rave, reading, rurouni kenshin, saisaki, sashimi, scrapbooks, shopping, silver, simple plan, siomai, sisig, smallville, smiling, smoothies, sneakers, snow, spam, stars, strawberry lemonade, sundae cone, sushi, switchfoot, t-shirts, table tennis, tabulas, taho, talking, texting, theater, timezone, tostitos, trees, v-cut, volleyball, water, web design, wishes, yellowcard